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7 Reasons Why Doing Travel &Expense Management Through Spreadsheets Only Adds Up To Your Time & Expenses

We might think spreadsheets are good option to claim expenses. It might be better than manual paper work but is it really good enough?

Every business wants to make most of all the expenses and keep their employees happy and productive. Many businesses Small or large are rethinking the way they are managing their Travel & Expense management through automation, workflows, and mobile technology to speed up the process and save hours spent in doing the tedious expense management through spreadsheets.

For managing expenses, many companies still opt for Excel as the preferred solution, or a similar spreadsheet program. On first thought, it seems like a good idea: it is economical, accessible software that is easy to use. However, is this actually the case? Is Excel really a practical solution for managing companies’ expenses? Here is an insight into the truth about these expense and mileage claim spreadsheets and how EaseMyExpense can help.

  • Spreadsheets filled on the go: Automated Data Entry in real time
  • Productive Use of Time: Time utilization for making sales, not data entries
  • Decreased Chances of Error & Non-Policy Expenses: No error in expense reports and increased policy compliance
  • Spreadsheets Integrated To Your Financial Applications: Spreadsheets can be integrated to financial applications for audit and reimbursement purposes
  • Faster and More Efficient Process: Expense report creation in 3 simple steps, organization’s workflow is integrated to make Travel and Expense Management Process efficient
  • Credible Tax Reporting and Input Tax Credit: Timely audit and tax entries allows organization to avail its GST Input Tax Credit
  • Insights and Analytics: To know more about the various parameters of Travel & Expense Management, analytics and reports can be used to gain insight into expenses and for budgeting purposes.

To download the full white paper “7 Reasons Why Doing Travel & Expense Management Through Spreadsheets Only Adds Up ToYour Time & Expenses”, you can visit the Resources Section of our website www.easemyexpense.com.