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7 Tips For Effective Business Travel

Business Travel is a burden in itself. It is completely normal to be lost in the abyss of business travel while planning client interactions, meetings and presentation, along with how to slip everything in with a little bit of sight-seeing.

Here’s EaseMyExpense’s 7 step guide to plan your business trip right.

  1. Plan Your Business Trip In Advance Right from travel to accommodation to the appliances which you want to carry, it is essential to know what you want to carry. We suggest listing everything down on paper. In the Indian subcontinent, travel expenditure within the country can cost a fortune if trips are not planned well in advance. It never hurts to make your managers happy!
  2. Be Loyal To A Brand To Avail Benefits As a business, it is extremely important to be aware about the partnerships one can have with vendors provided it is using a service on a recurrent basis. Airlines offer excellent prices to loyal customers by crediting them with ‘miles’ while hotels have brilliant offers that are too good to resist. Being loyal can never hurt.
  3. Carry The Internet With You You never know when you need to access your email on business trips. It is more unpredictable than stock markets (or even mood swings). You are bound to be caught off guard while you least expect it. We strongly suggest carrying an Internet dongle or renting one if you do not possess it. When the client needs a brochure, he needs a brochure.
  4. Don’t Ignore Conveyance When you’re running late for a meeting and you’re in an unknown, forgetting to capture conveyance is likely to slip your mind. If you have a travel partner, it only gets more complicated. Try to keep a track of conveyance (or take 10 seconds to create an expense line on EaseMyExpense).
  5. Categorize Expenses By Different Heads It is always easy to be a part of or manage projects that have a good amount of planning associated with them. Maintaining each expense under your organization’s expense heads is crucial to have a hassle-free and seamless Business Travel experience. EaseMyExpense provides expense heads that cover all possible expense heads (after meticulous research, of course) and lets you create new expense heads if circumstances have it that way! We have got you covered!
  6. Do What It Takes To Make Your Business Travel Successful Offer to pay the bill, do your background research while travelling and take care of any impromptu expenditures that might come up. Set the goal for your business trip, define how you plan to achieve it and plan your trip around these parameters.
  7. Uncomplicated Multi-Segment Trips And Track Your Own Expenses Delhi-Mumbai-Bengaluru-Delhi. Looks intimidating. Well, it’s probably because it is. Planning a round trip is hard enough. Dividing the various expenses, maintaining hard copies of all receipts and now also keeping track of the various segments of the trip is not easy. EaseMyExpense’s make a trip allows for simple trip requests and streamlines the entire process, from report creation to approval. Your only worry should be to close the deal you set out to crack.