EaseMyExpense simplifies the biggest pain point of Travel and Expense Management by enabling user to create expense claims by capturing the receipt and creating reports with our exquisite UI.


Process-Centric Approach by SAP Integration to provide ERP functionalities to your organization's Travel and Expense. Gain en edge to provide enterprise wide implementation of our integrated solution.


EaseMyExpense caters to businesses of all sizes by implementing the organizations hierarchy into to service. It reduces delays caused by a non-streamlined methodology.



Seamless T&E policy integration with automated rule checker and rule by-pass allowance to enable quick and efficient decisions for Travel and Expense.


Manage expense heads, branches, country/region based expenses, project expenses and even individual expenses. Graphical representation enables powerful petty cash management.


EaseMyExpense reduces the burden on the Finance Department of an organization by facilitating timely closure of tax books. Get exclusive GST expense visibility.

Why EaseMyExpense

44% of Companies do not Track Expense Processing Costs

44% companies stated annual budgeting and planning as a value addition for T&E Automation

Cost to Process Expense for Manual Process is 3.5X greater than Automated process

80% Employees wait more
than 3 days for Reimbursement

What you get

EaseMyExpense streamlines the entire T&E process. It optimises making trip requests, report creation and expense and invoice management. Our cloud-based services integrate the work-flow of the Finance, Control and Payroll Departments.

Orane's solution gives managers never-experienced-before visibility into expenses and ensures that there is no negative impact on budgeting or bookkeeping. EaseMyExpense is tailor-made for your organization. We ensure that your T&E policies are completely in sync with the system and expense management is no longer a hassle for your organization.

SAP Integration with core modules like SAP FI enable smooth back end operation of our expense solution. Get SAP functionalities to ensure a faultless and world class T&E Solution.

Dashboards provide an "at-a-glance" view of travel and expense spending for your department or for the overall company, giving you the visibility you and your management team require.

Expense management is an option offered with Ease My Expense, but its utility is not stand-alone. The expense management module is industry-agnostic.

Apart from traditional travel and expense management, Ease My Expense also lets you manage the operational aspect of a branch or restaurant.

Manage electricity bills, petrol costs and other logistics to run a successful business without any hassle.

Single tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) (or private cloud) solutions offer a host of benefits to organizations, including less deployment time and increased savings. Make sure your data is easily accessible as well as secure.

3-4 people are involved in creating the report. Thousands of applications as expenses are individually applied for (not in a single report). 32% Organizations feel the need to reduce expense report processing costs. More than 76% reimbursements take more than 3 days. 45% of the employees fail to submit their expense reports on time. Untimely reimbursements lead to high attrition rates for organizations.

EaseMyExpense helps you create create reports in 2 simple steps: Capture and Submit. It digitalizes the entire process end-to-end and eliminates the need to preserve receipts until the date of submission of the expense report. GST vendor integration and analytics help optimize the process through deeper integration with ERP and finance systems for a real time view of budget versus actual costs and pending cost using our analytics tool.

EaseMyExpense introduces paperless travel system for travel requests and reimbursements that includes an electronic approval process and time stamped tracking. It divides T&E Reimbursement into Travel Authorization, Travel Advance and Travel and Travel Reimbursement.

Our solution eliminates human error out of per diem calculation based on a set of pre-defined rules (85% of the audit findings for internal audit and the state claims audit are related to incorrect travel calculations amounts-even as small as 0.25 cents!). Incorporate the organization's hierarchy into the solution and go through with hassle-free Travel and Expense Management.

Automation of Travel and Expense Management 53% ROI by reduction in processing costs. Our solution's industry-agnostic nature makes it a reasonable proposition for enterprises of all types and size: small, medium and enterprise. Budgeting, Petty Cash Management and Auditing are added value additions for the organizations that use EaseMyExpense.

SaaS Solution (Private Cloud) solution means quick deployment time and increased savings without any compromise on security.

70% of companies automating their practices achieving ROI within the year. 89% of the organizations achieve full ROI in less than 2 years!

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